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This is a Collection of links to resources still available on the internet.

mech3Dan MechWarrior 3
MechWarrior 3 - installation Disk
Full CD-Rom image of MechWarrior 3
This contains the entire CD-Rom data, to be used to mount and install the game.

How games was distributed back in the days. Physical Media. Lucky you can download the raw data these days.

Zipped CD-Image
Zipped CD-Image MyAbandonware

mechPMlogo MechWarrior 3
Pirate's Moon
MechWarrior 3 Pirate's Moon - Installation Disk
Full CD-Rom image of Pirate's Moon
This contains the entire CD-Rom data, to be used to mount and install the game.

Requires a MechWarrior3 disk during installation.

Zipped CD-Image
Zipped CD-Image MyAbandonware

UnMech UnMech3
Unity MechWarrior 3
Unity rebuild of MechWarrior 3

A hobby project to remake the game engine and using origional Mechwarrior 3 assets.
Goal is to allow gameplay on modern hardware with comfort while maintaining the origional feel of the old game.

Self-Deploy UnMechUpdater.bat


mech3Dan MW3 Patch
MechWarrior 3 Official V1.2 patch
Official patch to update MechWarrior 3 to version 1.2
You can see what version you currently have in the main menu.
you require: MW3 version MechWarrior 3

This is required to play modern multiplayer matches and/or play most mods.

Executable Moddb

ZipperFixup 0.1.1 - Timing fix
ZipperFixup edits the game to remove a timing limit
This allows the game to more stably run on modern machines with a non fixed CPU clockspeed.

Before this was made, your game could experience odd behavior due to fluxuating CPU speeds.
A old time fix was forcing the game to run at 29/30 or 59/60 FPS with external programs like RivaTunerStatistics.

Zip GitHub

dgVooDoo2 - 3Dfx/Direct3D wrapper
dgVooDoo2 emulates the old graphics format of Direct3D and 3Dfx allowing older games to use modern DirectX graphics cards

MechWarrior 3 runs on native hardware in 4:3 aspect ratio. so In order to correctly talk to modern graphics cards,
dgVooDoo2 sits between the OS and the game and translates all graphical aspects.
This allows for correctly upscaling and stretching to play on modern monitors with bigger resolutions.

Zip GitHub


discord-icon MW3
MechWarrior 3 Community Project
Link to the 'MechWarrior 3 Community Project' Discord
URL #running_mw3_welcome

discord-icon RECOIL
RECOIL Discord
Link to the 'Recoil' Discord
Recoil is a Tank game that uses the same GameEngine as MechWarrior 3.
URL #welcome

Youtube-icon Freako's
Freako's 'MechWarrior Page
Freako makes Mods for MW3 and MW3PM and shows them on his Youtube page
He also shows you knowlage about the game and exploits.

Additional there are walkthroughs for those that need help.

URL Youtube Channel

Github Icon Terran
Terran Mechworks - Github Page
Collection of github projects that are related to the game's GameEngine
This includes ZipperFixup, MW3 Asset Extractor, and a few others.
URL GitHub

favicon Mech3mod
Mech3mod - Mechwarrior 3 Mod Project

Small site with loads of information, mod ideas and old mod downloads.


favicon MechWarriorsUnited
MechWarriorsUnited: The MechWarrior Community Project Reborn

Small site, dedicated to MechWarriors.
Includes a forum.


favicon Small Realities
Small Realities - Battletech & Mechwarrior Paper Models
Collection of papercraft models of 'Mechs


favicon WarhawkPPC
WarhawkPPC - Mechbay
Collection of old stats, stories and links

Warning! Site contains background music that was acceptable in the past.
These days most browsers no longer accept this and see this music file as a download.
Navigating this site will mean you will download a lot of old Midi files.


Last updated 18-03-2023

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