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    Legacy of MechWarrior

To bring the BattleTech fanbase closer to the warmachines called BattleMechs Activision and Dynamics created the game 'MechWarrior'
This puts the player directly into the cockpit of the 'Mechs allowing them to pilot these giant war machines.

But we know this already.
And apparently you are here because you love it!
So do we, and that is why we have made a small section listing all the MechWarrior games.

    MechWarrior (One/Origional)

The first video game to offer the player a chance to pilot a BattleMech from the view of a pilot.
You play as a low noble who lost his family and ownership of a moon and must try to regain his birthright.
What you will be doing is looking for contracts with his Mercenary company to gain reputation, make money and find those responsible.

There are a lot of game mechanics build in allowing for a great deal of freedoms, including:
Choosing contracts & missions, buying & selling mechs or parts, hiring lance-mates, and traveling throughout the entire Inner Sphere.

    MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

Where the origional game focussed on the Third Succession wars inside the BattleTech universe.
MechWarrior 2 focussed on the new faction, 'the Clans' who have failed to invade the Inner-Sphere.
There failure brought a lot of internal strife between different political factions and in turn individual Clan's.

Where the origional game gave more freedom to follow or negelect the story campaign this time it was storytelling
You see the conflict between Clan Wolf or Clan Jade Falcon trough the eyes of one of there MechWarriors.

    MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy

Expansion pack:
Adds Clan Ghost Bear with multiple Mechs, Weapons and Missions.

    MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries

This game reintroduces more up to the origional MechWarrior (One/Origional) gameplay, by being a mercenary company.
Allowing for control over finances and free choice of missions. Using the same Game Engine and assets as MW2

    MechWarrior 3

Our pride and glory, MechWarrior 3 Sets just a few years after the battle of Tukayyid.
The offense against Smoke Jaguar by the Second Star League Defense Force involves our taskforce.
Or mission is landing on Tranquil and destroy or hinder all further militairy actions on the planet.

The game is rendered in full 3d allowing for even a 3rd person view and is fully textured.

    MechWarrior 3 Pirate's Moon

Expansion Pack:
Puts you on a new planet fighting with Pirates.

Adds some Weapons and Mech's

    MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

During the FedCom Civil war plenty of casualties where made in this conflict, including family.
Vengence must be had when one of your cousins kills your family and takes the throne.

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    MechWarrior 4: Black Knight

Expansion Pack:
Continues the storyline of Vengence.

    MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

It was a free to download game.
But the developing company ultimatly lost it's legal status to distribute and is no longer available.

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    MechWarrior Online

The game brands the MechWarrior name, but isn't really on branding.
Instead it focusses on being a PVP Online Multiplayer Team vs Team battles
No Campaign, No storylines, Pure focussed on PvP.
Individuals climb up in rank in order to unlock more mech's and weapons.

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Welcome to the Inner-Sphere, the third succession war is comming to a close but losses have been had.
You are a Mercenary company down, there will be plenty of money to make and fame to gather.
The game allows multiple gamestarts, storylines and side missions thru DLC's.

Game supports inviting up to 3 other players to be your lance mates.


Last updated 20-09-2023

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